About This Program and How it Works

Generous business owners (vacation rental managers, golf courses, instructors, resorts, cruise lines) post fun experiences at attractive rates AND they donate some or all of the proceeds of your purchase to help NubAbility Athletics Foundation. Currently, there are $42,878,713 in great experiences that you can enjoy! For example, take your foursome out for a day of golf at a great rate (or give a golf lesson to a friend) and you’ll generate a donation of 80% of your purchase! Or take the family on a fun vacation or cruise and generate a donation of 40% of your purchase price. You've just discovered a new way to help NubAbility Athletics Foundation!

When I make a purchase, what will I get?

You’ll get a printer friendly certificate (voucher for a fun experience) that includes full redemption instructions. It’s transferable (so you can give it to a friend) but it is not refundable. If you lose your certificate, don’t worry because you’ll also be able to log in later and re-print your certificate if necessary. Purchasers of these packages will receive an exclusive bag of NubSwag from the youth athletes they support at NubAbility Athletics Foundation.

For Business Owners  

We can’t do it without your support! Let us know if you'd like us to promote your business to all of our supporters. Consider posting a fun experience that we can convert into a donation. Learn more. Plus you can post special purchase incentives for our supporters. Learn more.

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